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23 September 2013 @ 12:17 pm
Charcoal Drawing [again]  
hmmm... can u guess who is it?

i hope his fans won't get mad at me since it doesn't look like him  *well i'm his fan too tho' ^_^;

there are a lot of techniques for charcoal drawing.. i used a very simple one for this drawing. but i think i never learned huh.. i still tried to draw details although i knew it's impossible *look at that big eyes >_<
n then i found an interesting technique :
"drawing with an eraser" ..wanna try it~ but i guess i can't use regular eraser *i've used it for my charcoal sketch before n it was a mess ^_^;..but i couldn't find the right eraser at my brother's room *u brat! go buy it by yourself :P
maybe next time? next time sounds like "mbesok" for Javanese ヘ(^_^;ヘ)
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